The American Agronomic Stewardship Alliance

The American Agronomic Stewardship Alliance (AASA) is a not-for-profit (501c(6)) organization that has taken the lead in developing a stewardship inspection program for agricultural retail facilities that store bulk and repackage crop protection products.  

Our Mission

Dedicated to educating the agricultural industry by developing and promoting stewardship and best management practices for the storage, handling, and repackaging of bulk crop protection products throughout the retail supply chain. 

Program Overview

Click here to view or download a 2-page, illustrative overview of the AASA program that also lists the top 10 items where facilities excel in compliance with federal regulations.  You can also watch this video to learn more about the AASA inspection and stewardship process. Click the play button to stream the video.

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Highlights of the AASA Program - 2023 Webinar

View the webinar recording and the PDF slideset by clicking on the buttons below.

Webinar Details

The AASA Bulk Pesticide Inspection Program

An overview of how to properly store, transfer and repackage bulk agricultural pesticides

In this webinar, AASA staff will explain the AASA inspection program and summarize the requirements for facilities that receive, store, transfer and repack bulk agricultural pesticides. With support from the pesticide registrants and in cooperation with ag retailers, AASA inspectors conduct facility inspections each year. This webinar will focus on the AASA’s inspection observations, explain the importance of containment, transfer areas and repackaging requirements, and provide resources for facility personnel to help assure on-going compliance, education and stewardship regarding the safe storage of bulk pesticides.